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Explanation of Categories

The categories above do not include Mature.
This is because we categorise any model over the age of 35 as 'Mature'.

Please look at the sample pictures for examples.

If you are interested in some aspects of a category, but not all
(i.e.: are happy to shoot outdoor bondage, but do not want to be spanked)
please tick the category in the form, and let us know your limits in the comments box.

Bars & Shops Indoor, but public spaces... including pubs, malls, shops, libraries, museums etc.
Lingerie Walking and posing in public in lingerie.
Fetish Wearing revealing fetish clothing in public
(PVC, rubber, leather, uniforms etc., but with some element of nudity)
Outdoor/public bondage, spanking etc.
Girl/Girl Two girl scenes, with a sexual element.
Sheer Clothing Sheer or transparent clothing worn in very public areas.
Call of Nature Peeing outdoors in public, in Gent's toilets and/or wetting clothes
Bad Weather To include all very bad weather, snow, rain etc.
We cannot predict the weather, so ticking this basically means we would consider booking you between late Autumn and early Spring as well as over the Summer months.
Public Nudity Walking or posing completely naked in outdoor/public locations
Masturbation Masturbating, with or without toys or objects, outdoors, in public
Voyeur Sleeping, sunbathing, showering, changing etc.
Flashing Revealing breasts, ass or pussy in public areas, while otherwise dressed
Boy/Girl Hardcore Either with your partner or 'gonzo' style with the (STD certificated) photographer - please mention you limits and levels in the comments box


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